Pool and swim spa covers

Pool and swim spa covers are used for prevention of accidents and protection against any harmful effect caused by microorganisms or mosquitoes. During the winter season, most pools are not being used since it is cold but if you have a hot tub or heated pool spa, you can enjoy your swim time without worrying about freezing or getting sick.

In order to keep the water warm, pool covers are suggested to be used right after heating. Obviously, nobody wants to swim during the cold months, maintaining the water temperature is a good idea to prevent colds and fever due to the unbearable cold climate.

When pools and swim spa are not covered during the rainy days or winter season, the water becomes murky and turns to a breeding ground for mosquitoes which are known as dengue, malaria and Zika virus carriers. These diseases mentioned are fatal and must be avoided at all times thru proper pool maintenance.

Pools that are not being used are prone to algae and bacteria cold waters can spread and grow organisms quickly, so, keeping the water hot or warm regularly will help get rid of any virus that may develop from an uncovered pool.

Aside from the health benefits and prevention, swim spa and pool covers are also perfect to avoid accidents such as drowning. Especially for pool owners who have kids that are not capable of swimming by themselves.

These pool spa covers usually have strings on sides and end to keep it fit and in place. Although there are many types of covers, the roll in type is the most common and easiest to use. Even if it is guaranteed user-friendly, the materials used are durable and long lasting. So what are you waiting for? Do not hesitate to grab a pool spa cover if you are after your family’s safety. If your looking for pool covers Sydney we recommend the team at just pool covers.

Pool Covers for Safety

When looking for a swim spa or pool cover, you must properly check the materials used and how it functions before availing one. Some covers cannot be sealed tightly making the water temperature cold or worse, evaporate. Unless your pool cover is just made of mesh or net, then do not expect for a total protection because it can only filter leaves and other objects that cannot pass through the tiny holes.

Covers are not only used when it is winter. Many countries follow the government rules of putting a pool cover when not in use. Especially for pool owners who have small children who cannot swim by themselves, having a pool or swim spa at home is a big responsibility.

We all know the terrible accidents and injuries that kids may experience when we have our own pools in our residences. Drowning is one of the most common accidents happening all over the world, and believe it or not, even the simplest pool covers can save your children’s lives. Besides fences or gate around the pool, putting a cover is a big help too, to catch falling persons on the water.

Aside from the accidents, putting on covers on pools or swim spas can maintain your water clean and fresh. Who wants to swim in a water with lots of chemicals on it? Of course, it could be harmful especially to kids but most pool owners prefer using chlorine to maintain the water clean and to avoid replacing it regularly. With the help of pool covers, dusts and other debris are now avoidable. The tarpaulin or PVC type covers are best to shield the water from small particles.

At first, you may not see how important pool covers are, but after experiencing a lot of maintenance including all the expenses, inconvenience and threat to health, then that is the time you will realize that all you need is a pool cover to keep your pool clean and safe.

How to spot the perfect pool spa cover

Outdoor pool spa or Jacuzzi needs to be covered when not in use just like any ordinary swimming pool at home. Especially during the winter season, pool spa must have covers to protect the water from any dirt and to keep the warm temperature after a short while. Here are few tips to consider when buying a pool and spa covers:

  • Must be easy to use – some roll out covers are quick to apply and also easy to keep when not being used.
  • Must seal the pool tightly – the purpose of pool covers is to keep the water free from dirt so, no opening should be detected.
  • Must be practical and an energy saver – in order to save energy cost and consumption, the cover must be able to lock in the heat instead of reheating or warming the pool again after a while.
  • Must be durable – some covers are easy to get damaged especially when placed under the sun or affected by the UV rays for a long time. Some materials use may break when exposed to changing climate and weather.
  • Must be safe to use – some cheap materials may cause accident nor prevent unwanted incidents such as melting or deteriorating covers. Also, there might be harmful chemicals used in production that may blend in the water when exposed to heat or direct sunlight.

Always keep in mind that it is important to check the product personally and see the materials used to avoid terrible occurrence. It is okay to spend more as long as the product is 100% safe and effective. Be practical and do not buy cheap pool spa covers because the heavy-duty ones will last long and can save you from buying another one from time to time.

Advantages of pool cover

Whether you are running a spa business or you have your own hot tub or Jacuzzi at home, pool and spa covers will always be a great help. It is not a secret that most pool owners buy covers to save money and time. How? These are the advantages that you may get from using a pool and spa cover:

  • Can save you money – Since pool and swim spa covers guarantee keeping the water with warm temperature, there is no need to re-heat the pool when the next usage is just few minutes or hours after. Also, the cover can keep the water free from any floating dirt, rubbish and debris, so there is no need to replace the water often especially when not being used or just a personal pool / tub.
  • Can save time – nobody enjoys cleaning the pool everyday just to remove unwanted objects such as leaves and other dirt. Instead of wasting your time in filtering the pool, why do you not use a cover to preserve the water, right?
  • The water is safer to use -since pool spa covers can maintain the water clean and clear, you do not need to add more chemicals regularly. Another thing, during the winter season, bacteria live and spread in the cold water like how mosquitoes like to lay eggs on uncovered stagnant water. Avoid getting sick by putting a roll out pool spa cover, because health is wealth.
  • Can conserve water – in some countries, it is hard to get even a pail of water from their faucets. So, instead of wasting water or adding more every time it evaporates, just use a pool cover and have a guilt-free relaxation.

There is no harm in trying a pool and Jacuzzi cover, in fact, those advantages mentioned above are the best things that you can get when you avail a pool protection for a very reasonable price.