How to spot the perfect pool spa cover

Outdoor pool spa or Jacuzzi needs to be covered when not in use just like any ordinary swimming pool at home. Especially during the winter season, pool spa must have covers to protect the water from any dirt and to keep the warm temperature after a short while. Here are few tips to consider when buying a pool and spa covers:

  • Must be easy to use – some roll out covers are quick to apply and also easy to keep when not being used.
  • Must seal the pool tightly – the purpose of pool covers is to keep the water free from dirt so, no opening should be detected.
  • Must be practical and an energy saver – in order to save energy cost and consumption, the cover must be able to lock in the heat instead of reheating or warming the pool again after a while.
  • Must be durable – some covers are easy to get damaged especially when placed under the sun or affected by the UV rays for a long time. Some materials use may break when exposed to changing climate and weather.
  • Must be safe to use – some cheap materials may cause accident nor prevent unwanted incidents such as melting or deteriorating covers. Also, there might be harmful chemicals used in production that may blend in the water when exposed to heat or direct sunlight.

Always keep in mind that it is important to check the product personally and see the materials used to avoid terrible occurrence. It is okay to spend more as long as the product is 100% safe and effective. Be practical and do not buy cheap pool spa covers because the heavy-duty ones will last long and can save you from buying another one from time to time.

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